Mechling PC Repair Center
Mechling Computers has one of the best PC repair services in the area. We strive very hard to treat your PC as if it was our own. We test every component for defect and failure and recommend the best course of action.
  To keep up with the quality service our Customers are used to, Mechling Computers is now mobile. We closed the store front and are offering "Onsite Service" or "Pickup & Delivery Services" for repairs. We will still have the same quality service you have counted on, just no more hassle for the customer to drop off the PC. By offering this convenience, we can lower our overhead costs and keep our same low prices and high quality of service.

Standard PC Rates:

$69.95 Standard Bench Hourly Rate.
$79.95 On Site Hourly Rate
$99.95 On Site Networking Hourly Rate
$25.00 Pickup and Delivery* (changing soon)


Bench Diagnostic 
$19.95 Driver downloads - ( For lost drivers )
$19.95 Hard Drive back up 
$89.95 Software Reload XP - Complete OS, Drivers, Apps.
$99.95 Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8 - Complete OS, Drivers, Apps.
$19.95 Back up DVD's - each additional DVD is $5 each
$50.00 Website Design - Per hourly rate.

Service Contracts:

     Mechling Computers offers several economical service plans to help maintain your network, and work pc/servers. These services are offered to not only maintain a company's network of information and PC's, but also prevent problems from happening down the road. In today's market doing business requires a lot of communication through complicated networks. Weather it be your own network, connecting to another company's network, or simply connecting to the worlds network. (World Wide Web). All of which require constant maintenance, updates, and changes to prevent company down time.

Service Plans:

Plan Type Payment type Rates
Hours per month Pay while on site  Monthly = Pay onsite rate of: = Pay monthly rate of:
2 Hour $158 $150 $79 hr $75 hr
4 Hour $300 $280 $75 hr $70 hr
8 Hour $520 $480 $65 hr $60 hr
16 Hour $784 $720 $49 hr $45 hr

Service Plans include the following services:

*   Computer Disk Defrags *   Repair broken software
*   Microsoft Windows updates. *   Clean PC temp's, cache, and stored files
*   Virus Scans *   Customize PC to user desires.
*   Adware / Spyware Scans *   User training when needed for PC use.
*    Email backups (if requested) *   Software installation and integration
*   OS Registry Cleaning *   1 hour of customer support over the phone.
*   Mapping & sharing drives *    Off site network information sheets. user/pass
*   Mapping & Sharing Printers *   Database maintenance
*   Update and tighten network security *   Consulting of PC and internal network structure
*   Server update and security lockdowns *   Additional discounts on added services.

Website Design Services:

We are offer website design services whether it is business or personal.  In today's world, you have to keep up to date and on the web and we can help you! We offer quality website designs, custom graphics, ad-banners, and quality one-on-one service! So whether it is for your business or personal use, we can help you.

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Standard Rates:
Website Design $50 per hour (2 hour minimum)
Basic Monthly Updates $10 per month
Large Monthly Updates $25 per month
Add A Page $10 per page (applies to sites maintained by us only)
Blog Administration $10 per month
Domain Transfers $25
Search Engine Submissions $25
Domain Hosting $5 per month (through Mechcom Dot Net)
Domain Email Hosting $10 per month (through Mechcom Dot Net)
Facebook Page Design $50 (one-time fee)
Facebook Page Management $25 per week (updates, ads, and promotion)
Website Redesigns (applies to sites designed and maintained by us only) $35 per hour